Why You Choose Us ?

Mission, Values and Vision

OM AUTOMATION - a company with an innovative future!

Company Om Automation it exists and functions in accordance with its Mission, Values and Vision, which are stronger and controlling factor. Our team is imbued with the spirit of our values. All strategic actions of the company originate from the Mission, taking into account the values and adjusted for Vision.

The well-being of the world depends on many factors, but the most important is the concern for the environment. Therefore, our company is focusing its efforts on this aspect. We constantly introduce in its newest production technology of cleaning and recycling.

Om Automation


`` Om Automation offers a unique experience for your Home or Industry , by providing the best quality and Innovative Products. ``

Our belief

The mission statement reflects every facet of our business: the range and nature of the products we offer, pricing, quality, service, marketplace position, growth potential, use of technology, and our relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and the community.

Om Auomation


“Ecology, harmony and humanity are our values. We protect and defend these values.”

Our commitment

Humanity is an absolutely necessary requirement for the formation of a harmonious future for our planet. Ecology – the key to a happy and prosperous civilization. Company Adamas Corp. care for the environment through the introduction of innovative production technologies. The working conditions in our facilities have a high level of safety and comfort.

Om Automation


“Human civilization only through innovation can exist harmoniously on the planet.”

Our actions

With the advanced technology production process becomes faster and more economical. Reduced costs for producing one unit of product. Spend less scarce energy in the form of electricity, coal or fuel. This reduces the tension in the world.