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Sliding Glass Door kit
Mostly popular amongst commercial buildings/shopping complexes, offices, corporate houses and internal door between two doorways in any industry.
Automatic Swing Door Kit
Om Automation has a range of products for commercial and residential areas such as sliding doors Sliding Windows.
Automatic Swing Gate Kit
Ideally our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels.
Remote Sliding Gate Operator
Motorized sliding gates (conventional) are gates which use a ground mounted track for the gate wheels to move on.
Automatic Sliding Window Operator
The sliding Automatic Window Operator is very popular and widely used in homes and office. The door may be designed with different colors, materials, and sizes. If it is for hospital and office use, your basic purpose is to be in style and state of the art doors and incomparable with others.
Boom Barrier
Our  Boom Barriers serves the purpose of allowing individual passage of vehicles and regulating the entry and exit of vehicles.

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