Automatic Sliding Window Operator

for Residential & moderate Commercial use

The sliding Automatic Window Operator is very popular and widely used in homes and office.

Today, the world is facing problems in security. That is the reason why it is wise to make sure that your property is properly secured. The sliding Automatic Window Operator is very popular and widely used in homes and office. The door may be designed with different colors, materials, and sizes. If it is for hospital and office use, your basic purpose is to be in style and state of the art doors and incomparable with others. It must also be durable and rust free so that no matter how much is the cost, it will also last longer.

  1. Safely 12volts DC motors eliminating the dangers of electric shock hazard.
  2. Obstruction sensor provide instant stop upon contact with obstacle(optional)
  3. Can work on your existing home Inverted / UPS
  4. Remote control transmitter and receiver with code encryption technology.
  5. Soft start and stop.
  • Suitable for door upto 2mtr opening.
  • Gate Weight Max. 80kg (one Leaf)
  • Working temp -20 to +60. (for Indoor Use only)
  • Standard opening time to upto 20 sec per meter (Adjustable)
  • Remote control operating distance 10 to 50 feet. (Optional)
  • The Kit weights 10Kg Apx.
  • Over-load and overheat protecting function.
  • The above kit comes with a full 1 year Warranty and free technical help.
  • CE tests passed
  • Automaticaly door will open when a sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has lapsed
  • Hold open mode: the door will open and remain open until another mode is selected
  • Lock Mode: Door will close and remain closed until another model is selcted
  • Pet mode: Fothe use with pet sensor and when a pet is detected the door will only open for pet width as set and close after set time
  • Manual Mode: the door can be manuallu operated the sustem will not drive the door

1 Slide door motor & inbuilt controller
2 Nos remote
2 Racks 50cm each
1 Wireless push button




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